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The Graduation and Employment (“G&E”) Chart is the Commission’s mechanism for collecting student achievement data, and schools must provide this information in accordance with the prescribed requirements and instructions that accompany this chart. For the 2015 ACCSC Annual Report, schools completed the G&E Chart using a July 2015 Report Date. The reporting period from this July 2015 Report Date is calculated by taking 1.5 times the program length (the maximum timeframe within which a student is expected to complete the program) and allowing three months for placement (for the reporting period calculation only). This is the ending date of the 12-month reporting period. Then, go back 12 months to  establish the beginning date of the reporting period to show student achievement information for a one- year period. For a 12-month program, schools report on student starts from October 2012 through September 2013 as follows:

  • The Graduation and Employment Chart
  • How to Determine Reporting Periods
  • Assumption: 12-month program
  • Report Date: July 2015 (07/15)
  • Length of Program = 12 months
  • Multiply Length by 1.5 times = 18 months
  • Add Three Months for Placement = 21 months
  • End of Reporting Period: 07/15 minus 21 months =  09/13
  • Start of Reporting Period: 09/13 minus 12 months = 10/12