Our Mission


Arkansas Beauty College in Russellville is dedicated to the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to acquire the education and technical skills that will allow them to attain a fulfilling and productive cosmetology career.

The College is committed to providing programs that deliver quality training within a convenient time frame. ABC feels a deep responsibility to the students, parents and business community that they serve. The College attempts to install a similar sense of responsibility in our students, and alumni.

Mission Statement

The mission of Arkansas Beauty College in Russellville, AR is to provide quality cosmetology career oriented education to a diverse student population. Our training will provide students with the confidence and skills to enter their new chosen career. In addition, we incorporate both professional and personal development into our programs to help our students achieve a lifetime of success.

This is accomplished by constant upgrading through continuing education. The combination of educated staff members and daily exposure to current trends for the students, the students of ABC can expect and will receive a complete and progressive course in their chosen field.

Our goals and objectives are simple; we want to teach students the best possible techniques for launching a successful nail technician, beauty education or Cosmetology career. The school will train the students not only to qualify for the examinations required by the Arkansas Department of Health Cosmetology section, but also to produce ethical, knowledgeable and skilled individuals who will be an asset to any phase of the industry they wish to pursue, especially including the following traits:

  • ABC constantly upholds and strives to raise the standards of the cosmetology profession
  • ABC strives to provide highly motivated and qualified graduates to meet the current and projected needs of the employer
  • ABC strives to offer students real-life programs developed by faculty and staff through regular assessment and consultation with other educators, industry vendors and potential employers of our students

  • For more information about our mission and how our staff can assist you in developing your career, please call us in Russellville at 479-968-3075 or complete the brief form on our contact page.